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Slimepickle cannot escape giga pudding. He needs serious help. Its gotten so bad he listened to it for so long on stream he lost control of his body. We have to save him. SLIMECYCLE IS SO COOL I SWEAR GUYS FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER.COM



slimecicle is a fucking enigma and will most likely accidentally solve all the worlds problems only to cause even worse problems afterwards. he was the sole reason behind the space race (i think) (but totally was)!

Love Life[]

Slimecicle currently lives with his girlfriend, Grace Safford, Shown in a one million sub special, and featured in a video from a channel that is in no way affiliated with him, Slimecicle. The title of the video is 'this game ruined our relationship.' Grace is 23 years old . She is of age. Grace says to follow @Lem0nPatch on Twitter. they still dating? someone tell me? now? please? they are going strong 🤪🤞💞 Update: slime still likes her tweets and on a recent tweet of his Grace said “Honey Why”. They are still dating.

follow for obama last name reveal

Just Roll With It[]

In Just Roll With It, a D&D podcast, Slimecicle plays as the character Br'aad, who is a Half-elf charlatan warlock bard. R.I.P Tibsy the best pet....

nevermind o7 br’aad he now plays Gillion Tidestrider who is a Triton paladin. It’s ok we have pretzel now new best pet

Series & "Series"[]

Best of (Year) (2 videos)

Inside the Mind of ______ Players (Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch, Apex Legends)

Super Spam Bros., For Glory (Smash Four)

Stream Highlights (Wii Fit, Dragonball Fighter Z, Henrique takes over)

Misc. Game play (I am Bread, FNAF, Splatoon)

Misc. "Shorts" (the interview, Corn)

Misc. Misc. (coming out, do not upload.mp4)

ON KAZOO (No Mercy, Lifelight)